Matryoshkas have been entertaining children and adults alike since they first appeared in Russia well over a century ago. The tantalising sense of discovery that comes from opening up a wooden doll and revealing a series of increasingly smaller dolls nested inside is a simple pleasure that satisfies our sense of curiosity and provides hours of entertainment.

Now, a clever illustrator has come up with the genius idea of creating matryoshka dolls in the shape of Pokémon characters. And just like the original Russian doll sets, these cute designs slowly turn back time, revealing the evolution of each character from adult to baby. Say hello to the Pokétryoshka: nesting dolls we want to own in real life.

The designs, by US illustrative designer Michael Myers, all begin with the well-known Poké Ball, which opens up to reveal the fascinating evolution of five of our favourite Pokémon types. Forget about catching ’em all, now the aim of the game is to open ’em all and see what’s inside!

▼ The devolution story of a water-type Pokémon: Blastoise opens up to reveal Wartortle, who opens up to reveal the adorable Squirtle. If only their heads retracted into their shells too!


▼ The Grass/Poison Pokémon Venusaur was once a smaller Ivysaur with a bulb on its back yet to bloom. And it all started with the well-behaved starter Pokémon, Bulbasaur.


▼ The Fire/Flying Pokémon set contains the fire-breathing Charizard, who grew from the flame-tailed Charmeleon and Charmander.


▼ Grass-Type Pokémon evolution: Meganium evolves from Bayleef and is the final form of the adorable Chikorita. Just looking at the design evokes the lush, calming green scent they’re famous for.


▼And of course no story would be complete without a look at the Electric Pokémon evolution: Raichu grew from Pikachu, who grew from Pichu.


While we’ll have to wait for someone to manufacture these brilliant Pokétryoshka sets in real-life, Myers has released our Pokémon evolution favourites in T-shirt form, available for US$20 each. At that price, we’ll definitely be collecting ’em all!


Now if only Nintendo would release a physical set of these dolls…

Source: ITmedia
Top Image: Tumblr/Drawsgood
Insert Images: Tumblr/DrawsgoodTeepublic/Drawsgood