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It looks like 2015 is proving to be a defining year for LGBT couples and rights around the world. In Japan we’ve already seen same-sex marriage certificates extended to Shibuya Ward despite interference, not to mention public support from the government of Osaka Ward. Now it appears the acceptance movement is spreading to other East Asian countries as well.

Recently one woman in China decided to publicly pop the question to her female partner in public, and a video of the proposal soon went viral. Get ready to break out the tissues.

This past September 23, one woman proposed to her long-term partner on the streets of Mianyang City in Sichuan Province, moving onlookers who witnessed the event and those who viewed footage of the engagement that was later posted online.

After getting down on one knee and producing a ring, she gives a heartfelt speech, telling her significant other that, “I can’t give you any children, but I have a house and the money to pay for it.” Fortunately it seems to be more than enough for her partner, and she happily accepts. The two embrace in front of what appears to be a positive reaction from the crowd.


Marriage between partners of the same-sex are not legally recognized in China, although some couples prefer to hold a ceremony in countries where this isn’t a concern, like the U.S.

Soon after the video of the two women’s engagement went viral, another surprise proposal between a male couple was filmed on a subway in Beijing. Popping the question with a watch instead of a ring, shouts from a handful of disgruntled riders can be heard in the background, but are soon drowned out by the cheers from other supportive passengers.

Judging from positive comments from users on the Chinese micro-blogging site, Weibo, it appears that the internet is also in support of both couples getting the happily ever after they deserve.

Just 20 or 30 years ago moments like these would have likely attracted severe backlash and punishment from authorities, but with China’s rapid modernization, economic rise, and new social movements, it doesn’t seem farfetched to imagine that future discussions of same-sex marriage could be in the cards, especially when you consider how amazing the country’s first public same-sex wedding looked.

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