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When planning a vacation to Japan, it’s certainly exhilarating to visit big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe, but sometimes there are special locations that aren’t in all the guide books which have just as much, if not more, beauty and appeal. Japan is a gorgeous country with breathtaking nature that can be seen just by taking off in any direction. Perhaps one of those directions will lead you to a beautiful pond like the one in Gifu Prefecture that has been nicknamed “Monet’s Pond“.

Nestled in the mountains surrounding Seki City is one of the many Shinto shrines that pepper the Japanese landscape. By itself, Nemichi Shrine is nothing more than a wooden building that honors the gods and goddesses of the indigenous faith of Japan. But nearby is a pond that is gaining quite a bit of attention due to its picturesque beauty and resemblance to a series of paintings by the famous impressionist, Claude Monet.

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This stunning pond doesn’t have an official name, so it’s been unofficially given the name of “Monet’s Pond” due to its resemblance to the body of water in Monet’s Water Lilies series. Those who visit have been struck by the extremely clear water that is hued with a touch of blue, made possible due to the water coming from the surrounding mountains.

Koi swim freely underneath the jungle of lily pads, and water lilies add to the attractive natural landscape. All of these elements combine to make this little-known place an unforgettable stop for all who visit.

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If you happen to make the trip to Seki City, you might want to bring a giant canvas and some oil paints just in case the urge to paint a masterpiece strikes you. If you’re not a master painter, though, we guess you can take a photo to capture the beauty before you.

Source: Net Lab
Top Image: Twitter/@Sticky_Bug511