For the past couple of years, Japan’s Self-Defense Forces have been put under the spotlight as politicians debate approving a re-interpretation of the country’s constitution, allowing the JSDF more freedom to take action should the need arise. The motion eventually passed last month, followed by a spectacle of chaos and outrage that became worldwide news.

But lately people have started talking about something else surprising: an official Self-Defense Force magazine catering to military enthusiasts and featuring gravure model spreads.

The magazine in question is called, MAMOR (read as “mamoru”, meaning “to protect” in Japanese). The official magazine of Japan’s Self-Defense Force, it includes gravure idols posing in authentic military uniforms on the cover and for spreads included inside.

Printed by FUSOSHA Publishing Inc., this month marks MAMOR’s 105th issue, although it was only considered a relatively minor publication until the magazine recently caught the public’s eye. Unlike most magazines featuring gravure, instead of shots of idols in suggestive poses wearing skimpy bikinis, the idols featured in MAMOR wear real military uniforms and are photographed on-location saluting and making other appropriate poses.

Idols and idol groups that have graced past issues of MAMOR include Atsuko Maeda, Idoling!!!, Hinako Sano, Mitsu Dan, Nonoka Ono, Manami Hashimoto, Risa Yoshiki, and Rika Adachi.


As it stands, the gravure industry is already a controversial subject for its depiction of young women, often minors, but the fact that this might be the only magazine featuring pin-up models with ties to a government entity has only fueled the debate. Of course, the predominantly male consumer base that purchases the magazine is hardly complaining, and given the classy nature in which the gravure idols are shown, it seems hard to hate on a magazine that could possibly encourage more gender diversification and interest in Japan’s Self-Defense Force.

Source: Naver Matome
Feature/top image: Twitter/@JunkoFujiyama
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