Everyone should indulge in a bit of cross-cultural exchange every now and then to expand their worldly horizons–and as the following smartphone video illustrates, cross-species exchange can be just as, if not more, rewarding. Just take it from this black swan who’s made it his personal mission to feed some floundering fish friends!

While the people of Miyazaki Prefecture are generally seen as warm and easy-going, it looks like that common perception extends to its animal residents as well—or at least to its feathered fowl! Just take a look at this short clip that a visitor to the zoo recently caught on her phone’s camera:

▼ “I went to the zoo in Miyazaki and this black swan was giving food to the carp, LOL. Wow.”

The clip has apparently tickled more than a few people around the country, as it’s already been retweeted 11,500 times since the end of last month.

Maybe the fish were feeling sick and the bird decided to lend a helping beak, or maybe he was just motivated by the sudden burst in popularity he was experiencing. Either way, keep your eyes out for any other instances of animals engaging in acts of goodwill in your neck of the woods!

Source/Featured image: Twitter/@RUISuiLove