When you’re travelling in a foreign city, the sights, sounds and aroma of your surroundings can be so beautiful that there’s an overwhelming desire to capture it in a way a photo never could. Next time you find yourself in this predicament, you might want to stop by a cafe and take out a pen like this artist, who captures the atmosphere of Tokyo beautifully with just some coloured pencils, pens and a humble paper coffee cup.

Mariya Suzuki is a Tokyo-based illustrator who likes to use the humble paper cup as her canvas. Taking a look at her beautiful works is like taking a trip to the best cafes around Tokyo. Here she is at Asylum Coffee Roasters.

And here she is capturing the team at The Roastery in Harajuku.

FabCafe in Shibuya is a popular cafe for artists as it has 3-D printers and laser-cutting machines for customers to use.

DECK Coffee and Pie at Meiji Jingu is where all the cool kids hang out.

Sometimes it’s the little things that catch the artist’s eye, like the pretty blue tiles behind the bar at Kaisu Hostel.

Inspired by Starbucks is a special branch of Starbucks in Tokyo that uses a more subdued logo in place of the usual green mermaid. The interior also features wood panelling and a more minimalist design.

Suzuki also captures Tokyo’s giant labyrinth of streets and buildings from above.

And from the curbside below.

Aoyama Farmers’ Market on the grounds of the United Nations University is always a hive of activity.

Suzuki’s cups have featured in a number of exhibitions, including this one, entitled, “Drawing To Go”, which was held at Gallery JIB in September in conjunction with Adrian Hogan, a fellow illustrator in Tokyo.

Suzuki’s influence on the Tokyo art scene is already creating a buzz, with her Drawing To Go project taking off at FabCafe in Shibuya, where customers were invited to draw a scene from the cafe on their coffee cups. The results are currently on display and FabCafe’s branches in Barcelona, Bangkok, Toulouse and Taipei will also be holding their own local Drawing To Go events.

To see more of Suzuki’s gorgeous art be sure to check out her Instagram account or visit her website. She brings a whole new flavour to the world of latte art!

H/T: DesignTaxi