In the Pokémon world, trainers collect and battle their pet monsters against other trainers to gain experience, earn badges, and aim to become the greatest pocket monster master in the world. But what about the Pokémon themselves—do they even get a say in whether or not they want to fight? If trainers want to determine which of them is the strongest, why don’t they just duke it out themselves?

Well, the folks over at Dorkly ran with that clever idea and made it happen, with two guys fighting it out to familiar chip-tune battle music in this all-too-perfect video showing just what it would look like if humans battled it out in the Pokémon world!

In the start on the video we find the hero wandering a path in the Pokémon world. When he stops to check out a girl standing nearby, he’s approached by an over-protective boyfriend, and the battle ensues!

▼ Come at me bro!


Words and slaps are traded, staying true to the rules of the game and taking each move in turn, of course. Should you decide another of your “bros” can take on the opponent better, you can switch out with your team, just as you can with your pocket monsters! You can also “puss out”, if you’re not particularly feeling up to the fight.


Or you could just fire blast your opponent and end things right there.

▼ And it burns, burns, burns…


But beware, with those experience points also comes jail time!

Source: YouTube/Dorkly via Design Taxi
Screenshots: YouTube/Dorkly