Cats have a reputation for being solitary creatures, but that isn’t always the case, as proven by a recent video uploaded to popular Japanese video-sharing site, Niconico Douga.

Taken by a proud cat parent, the video, which features two kitties turning in for the night in a cat-sized futon, is sure to put a smile on your face.

The two feline stars, Maru and Koro, have a nightly routine of having a little wrestle in their futon for two before saying goodnight.

The two kittens are believed to be from the same litter. The white one, Maru, is male, while the black one, Koro, is female. They were born earlier this year in May, and, their owner states, quickly became inseparable friends.

We’re sure they have their share of sibling spats, but from what it looks like, come bed time they’ve got it all worked out.


Source: NicoNico Douga/Mojakoro@Yokai Nekogurui via Netorabo
Feature/top image: NicoNico Douga/Mojakoro@Yokai Nekogurui
Insert image: NicoNico Douga/Mojakoro@Yokai Nekogurui