For some, the number of friends or followers one has on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is an indication of one’s social status. If those little numbers on profile pages mean anything to you, this sweet little girl is basically a superstar, because she has over 200,000 followers on both Instagram and Facebook!

Witness the cuteness of this super adorable girl who has captured numerous hearts across Japan and Korea after the break!

Born in 2011, little Jae-eun is turning four years-old on 11 November this year. With a mixture of cute genes from her Korean dad and half-Korean half-Japanese mum, Jae-eun has been charming the Internet with her big bright eyes, chubby cheeks and irresistibly adorable smile.

▼ Princess Bunny with her best pal

▼ Sunscreen is a girl’s best friend!

▼ She reminds us of Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service!

Internet users across Asia, particularly in Korea and Japan, have been enchanted by the little girl’s lovely smile and playful antics, and many have taken to calling Jae-eun an “angel” because she is “too cute”.

▼ And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you should use a straw.

▼ Learning how to say “goodnight” in Japanese

Having inherited such sweet looks from her parents, it’s no surprise that the three year-old Instagram darling’s mom is quite the beauty too.



▼ Doing a photoshoot with mom



Jae-eun only started Facebook this year, but she’s quickly rocketed up the charts in social media popularity. Her cuteness sure is unstoppable, but now we know what we’ve been missing — a cute mascot-like presence! Maybe we need to give Mr. Sato a makeover…

While we ponder that, head over to Instagram or Facebook to see more mega cute photos of Jae-eun!

Source/images: Instagram (@jaen_mom) via Zhaizhai News