Last month a 13-year-old boy was walking to school when he was suddenly abducted and taken to an abandoned house in the outskirts of Deyang city in Sichuan province. Luckily, the boy was well versed in mobster movies and learned two valuable lessons from them.

  • Kidnappings usually don’t end well
  • How to escape

Fortunately, the kidnapper was very unimaginative and used cliche restraints on the lad, first by tying his hands and feet with cords, stuffing his mouth and taping it shut, and finally placing a plastic bag over his head with a straw so he could breathe.

How the boy was bound in reenactment photos…we think. Why would they take pictures of the kid while he was still tied up?

The boy, showing incredible presence of mind, waited until he heard his abductor leave the house. Then, after waiting and listening for no other signs of movement in the building, he decided to make his move. With his feet bound together he simply hopped his way outside the house and towards the nearby road.

▼ A picture of the house with the suspect seemingly Photoshopped on top

A motorist spotted him and called the authorities who subsequently arrested a suspect in the boy’s kidnapping.

The boy deserves much respect for his quick thinking and cool nerves, but the many violent gangster movies that he had seen should also be honored for their inspiration. Unfortunately, reports didn’t reveal exactly what movies he was into but if you’re interested in a similar education, starting with Scorsese and going from there couldn’t hurt.

Also, for advanced tactics, there’s the highly entertaining but often overlooked guy-tied-to-a-chair genre including titles such as Suicide Kings with Christopher Walken or Kevin Spacey’s role in Swimming with Sharks.

So don’t put it off any longer. Get your family together, sit down in front of the TV, and watch Carlito’s Way.  You owe it to them.

Source: Shanghaiist (English), Xinhua (Chinese)
Images: Xinhua