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In this digital age, it’s hard to imagine life without technology at our every beck and call, our cell phones in particular. While smartphones have only been mainstream for a decade or so, most of us have a hard time remembering life before them, and would be hard-pressed to go a day without one.

But how far would you go to keep from losing your precious phone/lifeline? Would you run out into traffic? Jump into a frigid lake? Or, do as this guy did and stick your hand deep down into a toilet? If you would do the latter, just be sure you don’t get your arm stuck and require the fire department to come to your rescue.

On October 19, a man in Zhejiang Province, China, did as is sometimes apt to happen and dropped his phone into the toilet.

Now, if you drop your phone into a western-style toilet, you don’t have far to reach. Granted, the depth you have to reach doesn’t make too much of a difference when you’re sticking your hand into a porcelain throne occupied by countless people before. However, when you drop it into a squat-type toilet, as is typically found in Chinese public restrooms, and find yourself having to lie down on the floor, elbow-deep in fecal matter, you may just be wishing you had dropped it elsewhere.

Or that you hadn’t dropped it in the first place.

▼ “So, a shitty thing happened on the way home today…”

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Having to be rescued by the fire department was the icing on the cake for it all, I’m sure. Or maybe it was having his predicament recorded and broadcast for all to see.

▼ He may have lost his phone, but he was at least lucky enough not to lose his arm too.

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If you’re having a bad day, you can take solace in the fact that at least it hasn’t reached this level of crappiness.

Source: YouTube/ 新闻 新闻 via Toychan Net
Images: 綱易新闻 via Toychan Net