Although a number of Japanese music labels have been hesitant to embrace YouTube, over the last few years uploads from independent Japanese artists and personalities have reached higher numbers than ever before.

For some, like BABYMETAL, Ladybaby, and these adorably cute kiddos, the popular video sharing site is the ticket to instant Internet fame. For others, like top violinist Ayako Ishikawa, the road is a little longer, but nonetheless rewarding, with the recent announcement of her major label album debut featuring re-worked anime covers.

Ishikawa is an acclaimed violinist who, since the age of four, has traveled all across the globe to further her classical training. She’s won multiple international awards and after retiring from the Eminence Symphony Orchestra began posting renditions of classic anime, video game, Vocaloid, and Japanese pop hits on her YouTube channel, ayakoishikawatv.

▼ Here she is performing “A Curel Angel’s Thesis,” the openig theme to Evangelion.

▼ Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “Ninjari Banban”

Her videos have seen a surge in views over the past four years. Finally getting the break she deserves, it was recently announced that Ishikawa will release a new album, titled ANIME CLASSICS, under major label Avex this December.

So far the full track list has yet to be revealed, but will feature her cover of fripSide’s “only my railgun” from the anime A Certain Magical Index, which she performs in her latest upload:

Those interested can pre-order the album, which is due out December 9, off Amazon.co.jp and receive an 831 yen (US $6.90) discount off of the regular price.

To commemorate her major CD debut, Ishikawa will hold a concert at Ebisu Garden Hall in Tokyo on December 27.

Source: YouTube/ayakoishikawatv (1, 2), YouTube/avex
Featured image: YouTube/ayakoishikawatv

Top image: Amazon.co.jp