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Fans of English singer and songwriter Adele were treated to an amazing first song from her new album 25, which is being released on November 20. Titled “Hello”, the song has propelled her back to the forefront of music after a long hiatus and has already broken a number of records.

But Adele isn’t the only one garnering attention because of the moving song. A cover of “Hello” performed by a high school girl in Korea is receiving high praise as it captures the power of the new single in a most humble setting.

For an aspiring musician, covering a song allows them to show off their talents with a tune that is already loved by many. A lot of covers try their best to emulate the original but ultimately fall short, but sometimes you come across one that can send shivers down your spine. This spectacular cover of Adele’s “Hello” shows us the depth of the performer’s voice, filmed in a small, unobtrusive high school classroom, and it positively gives us goosebumps.

The singer is Lee Ye Jin who attends Seoul Music High School in South Korea. Not only is the power of Ye Jin’s voice impressive, but the clarity and tone show extreme talent as well. She gracefully enters the first chorus with a softer, melancholic quality, but as the chorus comes around the second time, she lets her inner Adele loose and just belts it out with unabashed emotion. Even though she is singing in what’s probably not her native language, her facial expressions really tell you that she understands the emotion and message of the song. The accompanying piano and (unseen) guitar are no slouches either, and by the time the video ends you can’t help but be stunned.

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It’s unknown whether or not Ye Jin knew her cover was good enough for Internet fame, but as an aspiring musician, you just give it your all and hope people like what they hear. Well, we like it and we definitely hope that this gives her more opportunities to perform, because we can’t wait to hear her sing again.

▼ In the meantime, we’ll listen to the Ye Jin cover and Adele’s original on repeat

Source: Grapee
Images: YouTube/일반인들의 소름돋는 라이브