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With so many cute character designs and accessories out there, it can be hard for new Japanese artists to come up with something that is sure to make a splash. But perhaps one label has come up with a purr-fect way to get noticed, by incorporating a common sight any cat lover is sure to be familiar with as the focus of their latest fashion-forward accessory. No, not the sight of your cat hawking up a hairball on your favorite sweater, but one of a certain area you’ve probably been flashed more than once by your neighborhood tomcat or your very own feline friend.

That’s right, thanks to this new tote bag put out by independent brand Phoca, you can soon complete your fall/winter look with a precious set of kitty kibbles to show off to the world, or nyantama as they’re called in Japanese (and yes Twitter has a whole hashtag dedicated to nyantama — you can thank us later.)

Specializing in furry animal designs, the brand decided to add an ingenious touch to the original screen print by crowning this fur ball with its own set of felted fuzz balls.

The brand was started by illustrative creator Subaaki and accessory designer Maiko in 2012, and since then they’ve gone on the create a number of cute, whimsical designs in addition to the more humorous one above.

Reactions to the new design have mostly been positive, with some users commenting that the more you stare at this kitty’s manly parts, the cuter they get.

For those in a hurry to get their hands on one of these totes, Phoca will be selling them at the upcoming Design Festa in Tokyo on November 21 and 22. Following the Design Festa, the brand plans to make it available for purchase through their online store. We have a feeling that despite being literally balls-up in nature, the design isn’t going to be a balls-up when it comes to sales.

Source: Twitter/@phocazarashi via Netorabo,
Feature/top image: Twitter/@phocazarashi (edited by RocketNews24)