tekken 2

Some people dream about being a superhero and other people just dream about being a video game character. But why dream it, when you can be it, like this stuntman who demonstrates his skills which exactly mimic a certain Tekken character’s repertoire?

You know it’s a good day when you are playing a fighting game and you can press all the correct controller buttons to launch a string of precise kicks and punches. In many games, it’s a well-timed sequence of motions that requires skill and practice. However, when you can launch all those attacks using your own body, that provides a sense of accomplishment no “perfect victory” can replace.

Eric Jacobus is a stuntman from California who beautifully copies Hwoarang’s moves from Tekken Tag Tournament 2.  It’s quite mesmerizing to watch as both video game character and human have the exact same rhythm to their moves and height to their kicks. The extra touch of adding in the attack names and seeing exactly which location on the opponent is being hit (high, middle, or low) gives the routine that extra “oomph”.

▼ Or is that “ouch”?

tekken 3

Needless to say we’d love to see more of Eric’s legs-a-flying while imitating Hwoarang, but we’d also accept any other character from the Tekken series, or rivals Dead or Alive or Virtua Fighter.

Source: Event Hubs, H/T Kotaku USA
Screenshots: YouTube/Eric Jacobus