A recent viral video of a young Korean girl initially pouting then breaking into giggles at the sound of her squeaky shoes is just the thing you need to kick your week off right!

Adorableness must run in the family, because the girl featured in this video is Yeseo Park, the younger sister of Yerin Park. Yerin shot to fame as a six-month-old in 2011 when a video of her happy reaction to seeing her mother while in the middle of napping went viral. The father originally started posting videos of his daughters on YouTube for their grandparents to see, but now it appears that the whole world has fallen in love with their adorable antics.

Even if you’re a tough cookie to crack, we dare you to NOT dissolve into a puddle of warm and fuzzy bliss when you see one of the latest videos he posted of Yeseo in the middle of some toddler sulking:

As her father asks what she’s doing and tries to follow her with the camera, the sulking Yeseo refuses to let her face be seen and turns to the opposite direction, arms crossed in a big huff:


However, after repeating this pattern several times, she seems to realize that she didn’t take into account just how ineffective squeaky shoes are for acting pouty…


…and eventually dissolves into uncontrollable giggles, spinning around to the sound of her shoes before taking her father’s hand to continue walking.



Net users were positively charmed by the cutie-pie, leaving comments such as: 

“You can’t stay mad with squeaky shoes.”
“Adorable, but man those shoes must get hella annoying.”
“(In response to above) They’re meant for toddlers so their parents will be alerted if they happen to wander off in a crowd.”
“Where can I get those shoes in adult male sizes?”

In case you need a second or third morning pick-me-up, we’ll leave with two other videos from the Park family. First, here’s the sleepy-time video which shot older sister Yerin to fame when she was only six months old in 2011:

Second, here’s Yerin in 2013, having an adorably tragic case of the Mondays as she cries into her cereal bowl:

Have a great week, everyone!

Sources: Daily Mail via Byokan Sunday
Images: YouTube/bobaepapa