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If you’ve ever looked at a McDonald’s Big Mac and thought it would be more delicious in rolled sushi form, you might be a little crazy. One master sushi chef, however, was willing to give that exact look a try!

The addition of Western flavors to Japanese cuisine has created wonderful fusion dishes fit for any palate. One quintessentially Japanese dish is sushi, and while its traditions have developed over centuries, the dish hasn’t shied away from modern additions such as avocado, mango, mayonnaise and fried chicken.

Chef extraordinaire Hiroyuki Takada has turned the notion of adding Western ingredients to sushi on its head; instead. he decided to take a Western dish and turn it into sushi!

Don’t believe a Big Mac can be turned into a delicious rolled sushi? Then check out this video!

Takada works at a Japanese restaurant in Miami and has appeared in a number of food videos on YouTube. When asked if he’s up to the challenge of turning a Big Mac into something that looks more like sushi, he thinks about it for 10 seconds before jumping right in.

▼ Goodbye two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – on a sesame seed bun

big mac 1

Takada retains the original flavor of the burger by keeping all the same ingredients, but adds a few of his own as well, including avocado, tomatoes, French fries, and cilantro. All of these are pl000000000aced on top of the buns that he has cut into thinner slices so it can be used like seaweed.

▼ With only Big Mac ingredients

big mac 3

▼ With the added ingredients

big mac 4

▼ It looks so beautiful!

big mac 7

While expertly rolling it, he notices that one end of the roll doesn’t stick too well because the buns are dry. That’s OK, because it doesn’t diminish what the chef has accomplished and just one look makes us want to grab a piece and chow down. A few extra touches like a bit of barbecue sauce and spicy mayo along with a sprinkle of fresh greens finish off the delicious looking roll.

▼ Voila!

big mac 8

The chef always has to be willing to eat his own food, so he is the first one to give the roll a taste test. Turns out, it’s good enough to go back for a second bite! He’s already thinking about how he can improve on the “McRoll” by adding some flavored rice, tempura frying it or adding some other additional ingredients. Although he wouldn’t have to make any changes to make us eat the roll he just came up with, we won’t stop him from brainstorming some master chef improvements.

big mac 9

Takada has several other videos detailing how to make various sushi as well as other kinds of Japanese food, so be sure to check those out. While you’re there, make sure you leave a comment if you come up with another Western food you’d like to see rebuilt in sushi form, as the Big Mac challenge came directly from a viewer. We can’t wait to see what RocketNews24 readers will force the master chef to sushi-fy next.

Source: YouTube/Hiroyuki Terada – Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef h/t Gizmodo
Screenshots: YouTube/Hiroyuki Terada – Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef