Humans aren’t the only animals that benefit from a little professional styling and photography. Cats, cute as they already are, can up their game too!

Photographers and stylists are somewhat like illusionists, don’t you think? With their nifty skills and eye for aesthetics, they’re capable of presenting their subject in a whole new light. We’ve witnessed many a time how makeup, styling and photo angles can make someone look like an entirely different person, but would that work on cats?

Well, we wouldn’t say that they look like entirely different cats, but the professional touches by stylist Ryen Blaschke and photographer Shaina Fishman have managed to bring out a different kind of cute in these lovely little rescued kitties.

▼ Meow-leficent?

▼ Purry Potter

▼ Every kitty needs a pair of Minion goggles.

▼ This handsome one is totally working the Great Catsby hair.

These stunning shots were taken for Brooklyn Animal Action, a New York-based animal rescue and home-finding group, and features some of the felines under the organization’s care in an effort to raise awareness of the need for pet adoptions.

Rescued animals are just as adorable and deserving of warm, loving home as animals from pet shops or breeders. If you have plans to welcome a new furry family member, make a visit to your local animal shelter and spare a thought for the rescued animals in need of a new home!

Source: Game Over
Top image: Instagram/Brooklyn Animal Action (edited by RocketNews24)