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Sometimes, tokens of love can be found on something as mundane as a crumpled old receipt.

On November 22, married couples across Japan celebrated “Happy Spouse Day, which gets its name from the fact that, if you use some unusual pronunciation rules, the numbers 11 and 22 can be ready as “ii” and “fuufu” in Japanese, and ii fuufu also means “good married couple”.

Happy Spouse Day isn’t an official holiday, but for many its nonetheless become a day on which to thank your other half for everything that they have done the past year and reaffirm your commitment to each other in the days ahead.

One such display of affection that is gaining a lot of attention on Twitter is a receipt that one man left on his wife’s desk.

Fuki Sato, an illustrator, designer, and toy maker, spotted an errant receipt of her husband’s lying on her desk, with “gyoza nabe” (“dumpling hot-pot”) listed on it. Wondering what her darling husband had been spending his money on, she investigated further, and soon realized that it wasn’t a receipt at all, but a letter written especially for her.

Receipt Letter
November 22, 2015
For always making food for me,                      ¥0
thank you so much.                                          ¥39
The meal from before,                                      ¥0
the nabe with gyoza,                                        ¥598
was really, really delicious.                              ¥0
Today, because it’s Happy Spouse Day,        ¥280
there is Häagen-dazs;                                      ¥280
I bought it for you.                                             ¥0
Total Number of Items                                      8
Total                                                                 ¥2,727
With Tax                                                           ¥2,945
Cash                                                                ¥3,000
Change                                                            ¥55

Her husband, Neji Sato, is also a designer and he made this “receipt letter” to thank his wife for all the wonderful things she did this past year. He knew that discovering something like a receipt can be a clue towards suspicious extramarital affairs, so he wanted to play a little joke and make the receipt something that his wife would be really happy about.

The original Tweet has been retweeted almost 39,000 times since being uploaded a few days ago. Online users are giving Neji extreme praise for his creativity and thoughtfulness for Happy Spouse Day. We’d like to add ours, too.

Source: Curazy
Top Image: Twitter/@fuki_fuki (edited by RocketNews24)