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Wait, you mean these aren’t real goldfish? Well, they look simply amazing—and you can see them now on display in New York!

That’s right, these fish are the work of Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori, made from resin and acrylic. The artist, who is in his early 40s, has gained recognition for his breathtaking three-dimensional goldfish paintings, and based on the pictures and videos we’ve seen, the recognition certainly seems well-deserved.

Fukahori’s background in art includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in media design from the Aichi Prefectual University of Fine Arts and Music, and he currently has a solo exhibit going on at the Joshua Liner Gallery in the Chelsea Arts District in New York, which runs until December 19. This happens to be his second show at the gallery which has been showcasing a wide range of contemporary art by both established and emerging artists from around the world since 2008.

We found a fascinating promotional video showing the making process of one of the pieces for the exhibit, from which we have a selection of images below:

▼ You can see him drawing the goldfish …

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 ▼ … and also working with the resin, which allows him to create a three-dimensional piece.

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▼ The resulting details are truly impressive!

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Fukahori’s exhibit at the Joshua Line Gallery is titled Goldfish Salvation, and appropriately so, as the artist was indeed “saved” in a way by his long-neglected goldfish about 15 years ago. At that time, he was at a low point in his career, but the goldfish became a source of fascination and inspiration for him, and since then, he has been producing many works featuring the fish, which he feels are living sculptures that never reach their completed forms.

▼ And here’s the actual video, in which you can see the amazing piece titled “The Ark” being created. It’s quite a large work, measuring 73 x 75 x 38 inches (185.4 cm x 190.5 cm x 96.5 cm).

We also have some stunning images to share with you from another video made for a previous exhibit that was held last year at the ICN Gallery in London.

▼ The effect he achieves with resin is amazing!

Vim 2

Vim 3

Vim 4

▼ How about some elegant looking goldfish that appear like they’re trapped in glass?

Vim 5

▼ Some more beautiful individual pieces:

Vim 6

Vim 7

Vim 1

▼ Fukahori also does live paintings of goldfish — how dynamic and cool is that?

Vim 8

Vim 9

▼ You can see the complete video below:

And here are some further images from a video featuring one of Fukahori’s live painting sessions from three years ago.

▼The video first shows some of his resin art …

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YT2 2

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▼ … and finishes with him painting a magnificent red and white goldfish in front of a live audience.

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▼ Check out the entire video below!

Now, we for one, couldn’t get enough of Fukahori’s amazing three-dimensional creations, we went to his Facebook page and were rewarded with further gorgeous images.

▼What an eye-popping presentation of texture and colors!

▼ It’s like looking into a picture book world!

▼ The fish are so lifelike, it’s almost scary!

▼He also does exquisite, small pieces as well.

▼ There are also posts with information available in English:

If these goldfish have entranced you like they have us, more pictures and videos can be found at Fukahori’s Goldfish Salvation website. We hope art fans who are in New York during the exhibit have the chance to get a close look at his unique and brilliant work in person!

Source: Facebook/ Riusuke Fukahori, Joshua Liner Gallery website
Photos: Vimeo/ ICN GalleryYouTube/ Cinematic FilmsYouTube/ Okabe Toshiyuki