A couple of workers at the world’s largest electronics manufacturer Foxconn were seen telling off an old man during a smoke break saying “It’s none of your f**king business.”

How wrong they were…

You more than likely have heard of Foxconn, either as a manufacturer of parts for seemingly everything from iPhones to PS4s, or as a massive million-employee organization with a history of accusations of horrendous working conditions that resulted in several suicides a few years ago. But probably not many people, including much of the company’s own workforce – are familiar with the company’s founder and chairman Terry Gou. That’s why when a man in his sixties in a dress shirt with no tie and carrying a can of energy drink approached a couple of employees, they were none the wiser.

Gou found the two workers smoking in a non-smoking area and told them to put out their cigarettes. According to website Shanghaiist, the men then reportedly answered “Who are you? It’s none of your fucking business.”

As you can imagine, that didn’t go over well with Gou who called in the manager to help in the dressing-down that was about to ensue. Gou reportedly told the men “If the manager doesn’t fix you, then I will fix you. Foxconn doesn’t need workers like you.”

Part of the confrontation was captured on video. However, only seven seconds of it could be seen as the person filming it clearly didn’t want to get sucked into the wrath fest that was going on.

It is unclear what the fate of those two workers was, but judging from Guo’s words their days were likely numbered at that plant in Shenzhen. Let’s hope not though. Otherwise, where are they going to find another cushy gig like the ones offered by Foxconn’s Chinese plants?

Source: Shanghaiist,  Netease News (Chinese)
Top image: YouTube/newbie
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