Growing up with brothers and sisters can be bad enough sometimes, but what if “playing nice” meant having to tie the knot? If you’re a twin in Thailand, it could happen!

It’s not uncommon to hear stories of twins who develop the same interests or can somehow feel a deeper connection despite being separated hundreds of miles apart. In Thailand, however, this belief goes one step further when it comes to twins of the opposite sex, who are believed to share an even deeper connection as lovers who were unable to be together in their past lives.

That’s why one family in Nakhonsawan Province decided that marrying their three-year-old twins would be the best way to help them ward off future misfortune.

The twins were married at home on November 14, and the groom, Petai Angdechawat, gave his sister, Pailin, a dowry of gold and cash worth three million baht (approximately US$83,680).

Here’s a video of the “happy couple”:

Soon after the nuptials took place, their adorable wedding photo shoot began making the rounds on Twitter, and quickly went viral.

According to cultural superstition, twins of the opposite sex who are unable to show the blessing of their union in front of the Gods are at risk of dying young. Only days prior to the wedding of the Angdechawat twins, another ceremony between four-year-old twins in Chai Nat Province also made headlines, but with much less pomp. For those wondering, these ceremonies were only for display and their marriages were not officially registered.

For those of you feeling disgruntled because your relatives won’t stop nagging you about when you’re going to get married over holiday dinners, just be thankful they didn’t try to marry you off when you were a toddler.

Source: Facebook/Detchat JutikitdechaTwitter/@furwonder, Coconuts Bangkok, Bangkok Post
Top image: Facebook/Detchat Jutikitdecha