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Beijing police have arrested a man who, while impersonating a woman, convinced another man to marry him and loan him tons of cash—all while maintaining that his victim had made him “pregnant.”

There are a lot of ways to con someone out of a great deal of money, if you really don’t mind not being able to look at yourself in the mirror ever again. Ashley Madison—the “infidelity dating site”—allegedly made millions through the relatively easy con of convincing a bunch of desperate men that a legion of software programs and underpaid interns were actual women looking for a no-strings-attached fling.

But it takes a special kind of gullibility, we guess, to let a man you’ve met in person not only convince you he’s actually a woman, but to convince you that he’s pregnant with your child—something one particularly sad male victim experienced in Beijing recently.

According to news sources, a Beijing man fell for such a deceit when he met another man—who claimed to be a woman—via a Chinese dating website. The con-artist apparently put quite a bit of effort into his scheme, going so far as to hire a man and woman to pose as his parents, whom he later introduced his victim to in order to lend credibility to his fantastical claims. What’s more, the con-artist somehow apparently engaged in sexual relations with his victim—all the while, inexplicably, managing to keep up the pretence that he was actually a woman.

Which is when the accused deployed his ultimate trick: convincing the victim that he was pregnant with his child and persuading him to agree to a marriage at once.

Despite some telltale shadiness (the con-man said he wasn’t able to have the wedding in the victim’s hometown because he’d lost his citizen ID—a document necessary to fly and book hotels in China), the victim remained blissfully unaware of his partner’s machinations until around six months later. Chinese reports were sparse on details about the whole affair, and police reports are, apparently, similarly vague about the entire situation, even listing the accused simply as “a person” without mentioning gender.

The accused apparently received up to 150,000 Yuan (about 2.8 million yen, or US$25,000) from the victim. Reports say the victim somehow found out his supposed “wife” was actually a man when the expected September childbirth failed to pan out.

Source: Niconico News
Image: Noni