Although minor, one of the many crimes against humanity that the group sometimes referred to as “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” has committed is ruining the abbreviation ISIS. You can bet the ancient Egyptian god is pissed, and now even a boutique in China has gotten some heat.

On 26 November, the Longgang District public security bureau issued a statement that a new women’s apparel shop called ISIS was officially not to be feared. Following a thorough investigation by counter-terrorist units, no link between the Shenzhen fashion outlet and extremist group could be found.

According to the report, the 35-year-old owner had actually named the shop Yisi yisi (意思意思) which according to a Record China report means “a token of [my] gratitude.” However, in an effort to make the storefront more simple and stylish, she abbreviated the name to ISIS (read EEss-EEss).

The woman’s name was cleared, but authorities have yet to determine what rock she had been living under the past few years not to have noticed the coincidence. There was the possibility that she had kept the name in defiance of the terrorist group, but that was discounted after she promptly removed the sign following the investigation.

It’s just another way that the organization has impacted lives, even down in Guangdong, China. And despite efforts to rename them ISIL or Daesh, it seems ISIS has been firmly entrenched in the public’s conscience. I can’t even read an article about the International Space Station without feeling suspicious anymore…

Source: Record China, Toychan (Japanese)
Images:, Sina News