A junior high schooler displays his artistic ability by creating a jaw-dropping animation using nothing but Flipnote Studio for Nintendo 3DS.

Flipnote Studio 3D (or Ugoku Memocho/Moving Notepad in Japanese), a free application for Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS, gives users the ability to draw pictures with customizable pencil, brush, and eraser functions, and create their own little flip-book animations. Your animations can be cute, silly, or maybe, as is the case with this particular young artist’s work, downright amazing.


The scene, from dark fantasy magna an anime series Tokyo Ghoul, was drawn by the 13-year-old little brother of @mmjol1107, who wrote of the piece: “My little bro’s drawing ability on Ugo-Memo is too good. I can’t compare…”

Since tweeting the video of her brother’s masterpiece on November 30, it has been re-tweeted more than 46,000 times, and has had commentors calling for someone to buy the kid a proper drawing tablet. That might not be such a bad idea!

Source and top image: Twitter/@mmjol1107 via Togech