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For those of you looking for food pr0n, RocketNews24 has a new show for you to watch. We can’t promise you’ll ever be able to get these images out of your head, though…

We might look at the ingredients in our fridges and think that they’re just the constituent parts of some meal we might begrudgingly make when we give up hope of someone else cooking for us. But for one woman in Korea, they’re her partners in her seductive dance routines…

▼ There is a bit of NSFW language in this video.

▼ Hope your teeth are strong for this recipe!

▼ Great cake for your chocolate loving friends!

▼ It’s basically like eating an apple.

▼ Which burger will win?!?


The talent behind these videos is Syori (or Showry as she spells it for the show). She clearly knows what the allure of these videos is and she’s happy to give her fans what they want, usually in a double dosage. But it doesn’t stop her from letting her creative and wacky side out as you can tell she’s having a lot of fun as well. Plus it’s not just fancy footwork with food flooding her wall, but reenactments of movies such as Inside Out, The Little Mermaid and Transformers.

▼ Eerily similar…

▼ Pretty much exactly how the song goes in the movie.

▼ Best version of Bumblebee!

A girl like this is bound to have some detractors with many people commenting that this is just a crazy girl doing crazy girl things. On the other hand, others find her videos to be a bit of social commentary for how sexualized a woman is expected to be.

Whether you love her or hate their star, these videos are short enough that you are willing to watch them to the end just to figure out what she is going to do next. She’s not PewDiePie…yet, but she’s building herself a strong following, and we have to admit that we haven’t laughed that hard at lettuce in a long time.

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Featured image: Facebook/쇼리
Top Image: Facebook/쇼리