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Sophistication and sass are not mutually exclusive.

When you think of geisha, or maiko, the geisha-in-training, what typically comes to mind? Luxurious outfits? Graceful movements? Refined language and perfect manners?

Well it’s time to change those preconceptions because Japanese Twitter user @fantasy1101 managed to record two maiko showing off some pretty slick dance moves to a funky beat. And you can watch it right here:

▼ “Two maiko dancing in Kabukicho.”


That’s not the type of dancing you’d expect to see out of a couple of maiko! There’s no subtle swerves or gentle jives here, just a powerful rhythm with dance moves to match.

Of course, it should be pointed out that these two aren’t officially maiko. They’re actually members of Daikoku Drugstore’s girl group “DD Princess,” which is entirely made up of female employees who work at the chain. The two maiko were simply putting on a show outside of the drugstore as a promotion.

▼ A video of the group’s more typical work:

But hey, even if they’re not “genuine” maiko, you can’t deny that a lot of effort went into the costumes, makeup, and dance routine to make this quite the spectacle. Here’s some screenshots from the group’s official blog showing them getting ready for their routine:

▼ “On our second day, we transformed into maiko at Daiko Drug’s Kabuchicho branch!”

hardcore geisha 01

▼ “Both of us got a lot better at using the makeup. What do you think?”

hardcore geisha 02

Traditional Japanese arts have been struggling in recent years to attract younger audiences, and fear that without new blood they may die out. While it’s important to keep traditions alive the same way they’ve been for hundreds of years, isn’t it also important for each generation to help evolve it? Perhaps it would help the geisha world if some of them got to know the funky badass inside of them a little bit better.

Source: NetLab via Twitter/@fantasy1101
Featured/top image: Twitter/@fantasy1101