Can’t wait for Christmas or feeling a bit grinchy? Either way, Ikea is here to help with this cute, interactive commercial!

In addition to selling all the furniture you can shake a wrench at, Ikea is also looking to put potential customers in the holiday spirits with a bizarre-yet-amusing interactive video! In the company’s Singaporean ads for holiday table settings and decorations, they’re letting viewers like you decide just how much Christmas spirit is the perfect amount for your ho-ho-home.

At any point during the video, you can switch back and forth between minimum joy to maximum excitement!

▼ Try it out for yourself!

Though it might seem like some kind of amazing new streaming technology, on closer inspection, it turns out all three versions of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” are linked together with time stamps that allow you to easily toggle from one scene to another.

It’s not quite the astounding technological achievement we thought, but whether you prefer a quiet Christmas or you’re the type to ring in the holiday season by pulling out all the stops, you can find a setting to match your holiday cheer.

And, if you’re not finished with Christmas shopping yet, you could, of course, hit up Ikea. Or how about a crotch pillow for that busy someone who deserves a much-needed timeout? There are also these cat-shaped fortune cookies to wish all of your friends the best of luck in the coming year. Just make sure you remember to max out your Christmas and not your credit cards!

Source: YouTube/Ikea Singapore, via Coconuts Singapore
Feature/top image: YouTube/Ikea Singapore, Full HD Pictures, edited by RocketNews24