You know how all planes look alike…

At around 8:00am on 10 December, an engine on China Airlines flight CA1822 caught fire on the runway of Fuzhou Changle International Airport, China, just before taking off.

Firefighters were immediately contacted and were on the scene within minutes, whereupon they began dousing the aircraft with a special foam to cool it down and deprive the flames of oxygen.

With the large amounts of fuel that planes can carry, time was of the essence. Luckily, with the team arriving so promptly and operating like a finely tuned machine, the entire craft was covered in foam by 8:07.

However, at 8:09am, an official from the airport ran out to inform the fire crew that they had actually been hosing down flight FU6577 bound for Jinan City.

▼ “Guys. That one.”

In fairness to the firefighters, it was a tough call as the two planes were right next to one another on the runway at the time flight CA1822 caught fire. After realizing the mistake, the team turned their foam on the correct plane, where the fire was still burning, and were able to quickly extinguish it, thankfully, without any injuries suffered or further damage caused.

Despite the embarrassing blunder, Fuzhou Airport was able to resume normal service by 9:38 am and only suffered a few flight delays as a result. And so concludes another story of all’s well that ends well.

Well, at least it ended well for everyone except for whoever got stuck paying the millions of dollars for replacement engines on flight FU6577 which had been rendered useless, filled to the brim with sticky fire retardant foam…

Source: News168 (Chinese) via Toychan (Japanese)
Images: News168
Video: YouTube/Sina Premium