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Yet again proving that you don’t have to be born a girl to be a beautiful woman. (Possibly NSFW)

We’ve seen the rise of “otoko no ko,” boys who dress up as and can pass for very cute girls, in plenty of other Asian countries. It’s old news for Thailand, and in Japan there’s even annual contests held at schools to pick the most beautiful “otoko no ko.”

And now it seems like it’s China’s turn to get on the crossdressing bandwagon. One “otoko no ko” who goes by the name Alica Haoge on Chinese social media has recently caught the attention of Japanese netizens, and it’s not hard to see why. Here’s a sample of the photos available on Alice’s Weibo account:

▼ Just a casual absolutely perfect Kotori Minami cosplay from Love Live!

alice haoge 01

▼ “Oh hey guys! Do you think this is okay to wear to the beach?”

alice haoge 02

▼ Are… are we sure Alice isn’t 100-percent girl?

alice haoge 03

To answer that question: yes, we are sure! Here are some pictures of Alice without all the costumes and wigs so you can see for yourself:

▼ It takes someone extremely confident in their masculinity to be comfortable posing with a teddy bear. Oh, and to dress up as a sexy woman and share the pics online.

alice haoge 08

▼ Here’s a transformation shot, so you can see Alice progress from boy-mode…

alice haoge 04

▼ To beautiful girl-boy mode…

alice haoge 05

▼ To still-somewhat-recongizable-but-pretty-much-girl mode…

alice haoge 06

▼ And now Alice is an extremely different, and extremely cute, person.

alice haoge 07

▼ A more casual photo #ProbablyDidn’tWakeUpLikeThis

alice haoge 12

▼ Just enjoying some time at the beach looking like a character from Dead or Alive Xtreme 3.

alice haoge 14

▼ “Excuse me, but I’m waiting for someone.”

alice haoge 09

▼ Oh, uh, sorry for interrupting. I’ll just… wait over here.

alice haoge 10

While there were a lot of posts of Japanese netizens questioning their life decisions up until this point, many of them were positive. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“This is amazing.”
“Alice looks like a painting.”
“Is this some sort of Chinese propaganda meant to hypnotize me?”
“Don’t care, still hot!”
“This definitely raises my opinion of Chinese quality.”

That’s probably not the only thing these pictures are raising… hopefully they’re raising awareness of other “otoko no ko” in China by giving them all someone to look up to. What? What did you think I meant?

Source: People’s Daily (Japanese) via Kinisoku
Featured/top image: Weibo/Alicehaoge