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Extreme close-ups, extreme cuteness, and one poll to decide which hamster tush is the best.

Some two years after winning the hearts of Internet users across Japan, hamster butts remain as popular as ever. Fans just can’t get enough of those adorable rodent derrieres.

You might think that if you’ve seen one hamuketsu (as hamster butts are called in Japanese), you’ve seen them all, but Japanese Twitter user @mocomo2co2 provides photographic evidence that even the same animal’s hindquarters can take one of three forms, depending on the circumstances.

There’s the standard hamuketsu

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…the extra-compact slim hamuketsu

HK 2

…and finally, the flat hamuketsu, with its literally broad appeal.

HK 3

@mocomo2co2 offers no explanation as to what her pet is searching for in the folds of that warm-looking blanket, but some sort of edible crumbs seem like a likely target. Then again, given how popular hamster buts have become, we can’t ignore the fact that what he’s really looking for is attention, so let’s give him a little more by determining which hamuketsu is the best hamuketsu.

Source: Hamster Sokuho
Images: Twitter/@mocomo2co2