Ever wondered what the inside of a CT scanner looks like? One man in China will be able to tell you, after he hopped inside after his luggage during a security check.

With coats, hats, belts and shoes to be removed, drinks to be thrown away or hastily glugged, and laptops to be removed from their cases, getting through to an airport’s departures lounge can be a long, drawn-out, and sometimes confusing affair.

Most of us are now fairly used to this necessary yet tiresome procedure, but spare a thought for those first-time flyers, like the man in the video below, to whom the process is all completely alien.

After security officials tell him that they need to do a full body scan, the gentleman in the video appears to think that they want him to climb up on the conveyor belt along with his belongings, stepping up onto it and pushing his way through the flaps…

With China’s new wealth, many citizens who previously may not have been able to fly are finally getting their chance. Unfortunately this can occasionally result in a few mix-ups and blunders like this one, or other misunderstandings about what might be considered appropriate behavior while traveling.

On the other hand, considering how airport security keeps getting tighter and tighter, it might not be long before having to crawl in after your luggage becomes the norm. And hey, at least this man can now proudly boast he’s done something most others have only joked about doing!

Source: Facebook/Trending in China via Coconuts Manila
Feature/top image: Facebook/Trending in China