When it comes to building a home, most prefer to leave to it to professionals, but that may not always be the best idea if these photos are any indication…

Photos have recently surfaced online showing pipes running through various homes in China in the worst locations imaginable. Reports online indicated that this was the result of a greedy contractor trying to get a bit more money out of beleaguered residents, but after a bit of digging, we think the actual story may be a fair bit more complicated.


According to, a Chinese news site, residents of an undisclosed area of China tasked a local village committee with spearheading a three-story terrace house construction project which included plans to build 12 units complete with utilities, walls, and flooring. According to the original agreement, tenants were supposed to pay 20,000 RMB (about US$3,084) per unit to outfit the building with electricity and plumbing, but with the project over half-way completed, both the prospective tenants and the committee are at a standstill due to insufficient funds and what seems to be a misunderstanding over the payment terms.


Until the dispute can be resolved, further work on the housing project has been temporarily postponed, but now that pictures of the unfinished units have surfaced on the internet, something about the construction methods used by the committee seem more than a little off.

For starters, although the committee alleges the problem was caused by the villagers’ reluctance to pay for the installation of electricity and plumbing, only nine out of 12 units have been built to date. Additionally, the current lack of funds also doesn’t explain some of the, um, odd construction decisions, like pipes out in the open and running through the most inconvenient of places.

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The villagers claim they have lost faith in the committee, and refuse to pay any more money until the units are completed, but the committee says they have no plans to continue construction until they receive the money they believe they are rightfully owed.

Hopefully both sides can come to a settlement soon, as this seems to be the kind of situation that would be a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Source: via Izismile
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