A self-styled pick-up coach active throughout Asia has released a series of YouTube videos showing his attempts to “pick up” Japanese women.

It’s often said that “foreign” (usually meaning white, English-speaking) dudes tend to have a pretty easy time of it when it comes to dating in Japan. In a country where the native population is 98.5 percent Japanese, visibly foreign men can become an instantly recognisable, exotic minority which some Japanese women might find very interesting. There’s a cruel running joke among expats that even foreign fellows who weren’t exactly much of a hit with the ladies back home can suddenly find themselves transformed overnight into total stud-muffins in the eyes of Japanese ladies. This joke, however, often does a disservice to both Japanese women and their foreign guys, hinting as it does that Japanese women are undiscerning gaijin hunters and foreign guys are hapless, dorky prey. In the majority of cases, nothing could be further from the truth.

But what happens when a foreign, self-styled “pick-up coach” creates  a website and YouTube channel which attempt to help other foreign guys date Japanese women using methods that involve coercion, predatory tactics, and the reducing of Japanese women down to targets with no respect given to their humanity?

The pick-up coach in question, a man called David Bond who dubs himself “The most hated man in Asia”, made internet headlines in previous years after a video of him practicing his pickup “artistry” went viral on Reddit. In the video, titled “Guy steals Girl from Chinese Guy”, Bond was seen “encouraging” a friend to perform pickup techniques on a woman who was out with her boyfriend. The video can still be viewed on Bond’s channel.

▼ “Guy steals girl from Chinese guy”

Now, Bond has launched a new website, A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Laid in Japan, and uploaded new videos on his YouTube channel filmed in Japan which have been disturbing Japanese netizens.

▼ This video shows Bond performing his “techniques” on women in Osaka on the street during the day.

Bond’s website appears to be aimed at travellers and those unaccustomed to life in Japan, since his tips mostly involve “getting around the language barrier” and the best spots to find love hotels. He even claims that “99% of girls in Japan use a special chat app the west has NEVER heard of” (if you haven’t heard of LINE by now, then sheesh!). According to Bond, “women in Japan are completely sexually frustrated, and so desperate for male attention that they’re willing to PAY for it” (alluding to host clubs).

The videos uploaded to his YouTube channel are often uncomfortable to watch, and we’re slightly concerned that the women in the videos don’t seem to be completely aware that they’re being filmed. In Japan, there are strict laws about filming people in public, and it was only last year that “pick-up coach” Julien Blanc’s “career” was decimated after he uploaded videos of himself manhandling a female convenience store clerk in Japan. Blanc was subsequently banned from entering several countries after a succession of successful petitions against him on Change.org.

▼ An introduction to Bond’s website, which includes advice on how to use the LINE messaging app, find a love hotel, and deal with “awkward” Japanese girls.

Here’s what Japan’s netizens had to say about Bond’s behaviour, with many of them also choosing to criticise the girls in the video:

“It’s just the novelty factor, I bet that most Japanese guys would come running if a  beautiful white girl approached like this.”

“This makes me angry and we can’t even get our own back since white girls don’t go all crazy for Japanese men like this.”

“These guys don’t do this because Japanese women are so charming, they do it because they think Japanese women are easy and cheap. These women should wake up to what’s happening in these kinds of situations before they get themselves hurt.”

“This is completely racist and inappropriate.”

“Some Japanese girls just see foreigners like branded accessories, just something to show off to make other girls jealous.”

“Girls should just ignore this kind of approach, it’s so obviously insincere.”

“If the girls fall for this, they have only themselves to blame.”

“This guy gives foreigners in Japan a bad name.”

“I like foreign women, so I can’t really blame this guy, do what you want. If the girls are fine with it then who cares.”

“I shall get my revenge by stealing all the foreign women from his homeland.”

“Japanese women should be more assertive, these manipulation tactics take advantage of their accommodating nature.”

“It’s ridiculous he’s trying to charge for pickup coaching, all foreign guys have to do is come to Japan, go to a foreign bar, and wait for a Japanese girl who is interested in foreigners to approach them. No need for all this trickery.”

Source: Jin115.com
Top Image: Screenshot via YouTube/David Bond