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What? Isn’t this how everyone celebrates Christmas?

You may remember Showry from earlier this month when we introduced her lovely videos involving plugging a blender into her mouth and making whirring sounds, dressing up as a bunny and grating a carrot on her teeth, and putting on a Little Mermaid costume and eating/dancing with seafood.

Under the sea… under the sea….

showry christmas 01Facebook/Showry

Recently, Showry put out a special Christmas video, which is just as ridiculous as her others. You can view the entire thing here, or scroll down for some highlights:

▼ We start off with a typical sexy Christmas dance, but then…

▼ Whoa, Showry! Pretty sure that’s not how you use a Christmas tree!

▼ …or Christmas lights!

Aaaaand she’s spreading blood on the door! Well I think I’ll just be going right about-

▼ Oh, but she’s having so much fun spraying stuff all over herself.

▼ All right, maybe I can stick around for some mayonnaise.

▼ Hey, she really does kind of look like Santa Claus!

▼ Wait, Showry, put down the fire. Santa Claus doesn’t like lit fireplaces!

Don’t you just love it when a video fills you with that wonderful not-sure-if-should-be-laughing-or-terrified feeling? That’s what pretty much all of Showry’s videos do, and you can view the rest of them on her Facebook page, if you’ve suddenly discovered that you’re a fan.

We can only hope that at the end of the month she’ll give us a New Years video that will be just as educational and informative on traditional New Years celebrations.

Source: Facebook/Showry via NetLab
Images: Facebook/Showry