Filmmakers have created an action-packed video collage of some of the best costumes at a recent comic show in Taiwan.

On December 12 and 13, Taipei held the 41st edition of Taiwan’s doujin/fan-made comic convention, Comic World 41. Like any anime- or manga-related event, many fans dressed up in costume, attracting a large number of photographers to the event, like the team at Bps Eason.

Following the popularity of their Spirited Away modern cosplay MV, the filmmakers were back to capture some of the best moves cosplayers at the event had to offer. (And if you haven’t already seen their Spirited Away MV, we suggest you check it out below!)

These cosplayers certainly don’t look camera-shy as they punch, kick, and romance their way through a series of cool, cute, and quirky moments caught on film.

▼ Fierce looks and fiercer moves


▼ Revived by a kiss from a rose


▼ Luffy is happy to get his pirated pirate hat back.


▼ Sanji faces rejection, yet again.


Vast strides were made in moving image technology this year, and we hope Bps Eason will continue making awesome edits that really bring the world of cosplay to life.

Source: YouTube/Eason BP (1, 2) via
Top/feature image: YouTube/Eason BP