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Talented Canada-based artist Sakimi-chan wows us again, this time with sizzling images of Dragon Ball couples!

We’ve brought to you examples of Sakimi-chan’s brilliant work before, including gender-bent Disney and Ghibli characters, realistically portrayed Naruto characters and even Looney Tunes animal characters in human form. (Yes, we never thought we’d be saying this, but she makes Bugs Bunny look HOT!)

Now, she’s given us some brilliant work depicting one of our favorite subjects, Dragon Ball, and with a romantic, sexy twist, too!

With all the fighting to save the universe that goes on, romance may sometimes seem secondary in the Dragon Ball world, but Sakimi-chan  does an excellent job of reminding us that there are three established couples among the main characters in the series.

▼ Of course, we have to have a picture of our hero Goku with his wife Chichi. Let’s just say, Goku’s muscular arms look amazing, and we love Chichi’s absolutely kissable lips!

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Gokuxchichi 😊💞more dbz couples

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▼ Vegeta and Bulma, while an unexpected match at first, are now a long-standing couple that has ended up being very well-received by fans. The Saiyan prince and the sexy and brilliant scientist/heiress certainly don’t make for a boring couple!

▼ And last but not least, here’s Krillin and Android 18. They usually make a very cute couple, but in this case, both of them look much more sexy than cute!

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Krillin x android 18 from dbz💞😊🙌

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So, what did you think of the Dragon Ball characters illustrated in a realistic and sexy way? Granted, they look quite different from what we’re used to seeing, but we think the illustrations should be a lot of fun for even casual fans of the series. While all the action and fighting is great, it’s always nice to see Goku and his friends doing something other than blasting out enemies. Besides, they all look absolutely stunning in the pictures, and eye-candy like this always welcome in our opinion!

Do you have a favorite Dragon Ball couple?

Source: Instagram/ Sakimi.chan via www.Gamme.com.tw
Images: Instagram/ Sakimi.chan