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The dress up-loving staff at McDonald’s Taiwan are back, but this time they might have wandered into contested territory with their choice of outfits…

McDonald’s Taiwan is well-known for its annual cosplaying antics. Since 2013, we’ve seen staff at Taiwanese locations of the global fast food chain dressing as maidscheerleaders and even cat ear-wearing schoolgirls in what has become something of a New Year’s tradition for the island nation.

This time around, however, a branch in the southwestern city of Tainan has come under fire for allowing its staff dress up in what appear to be Taiwan’s national army and naval uniforms, as seen in this report from FTV News:

According to online sources, the stunt was not well received by the country’s land, sea and air forces, and there is talk of the Taiwanese authorities taking legal action against McDonald’s for allowing its staff, none of whom are believed to be in active service, to don the uniforms—an act which is punishable by Taiwanese law with fines of up to US$500.

Maybe next year they should stick to cosplaying as maids and schoolgirls. After all, no one’s ever heard of an angry schoolgir–actually, no, scratch that

Source: Livedoor News; YouTube/FTVNews h/t
Screenshots: YouTube/FTVNews


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