This botched horror movie DVD cover reminds Japan once again of the importance of good localization.

Bringing any form of media from overseas and introducing it to the local market isn’t always as simple as translating text or dialogue (trust us, we know!). Things like foreign films require a team of localizers with a first-rate language skills, creative wit, and an eye for what appeals to audiences in their country. Unfortunately, whoever is in charge of remaking these promotional posters and DVD covers for the Japanese market doesn’t seem to be impressing anybody!

First, there was the Christmas card-like promo for Tarantino’s Hateful Eight that left many in Japan confused and disappointed. Now, the cover of another movie has surfaced, eliciting LOLs all over the Japanese internet and leaving some wondering if Japan’s film industry should just not bother trying to remake these sorts of things.

▼ One of the English versions


Image: Imgur

The victim this time is supernatural horror film Nothing Left to Fear, which became Shoujo Ikenie, or “Girl Sacrifice” in Japan. Yes, we know the film isn’t that recent, having been released in Japan almost two years ago now, but as it wasn’t a hugely promoted or recognized film, only being run at limited theatres across the US for one day only and grossing a mere US$7,886 according to IMDb, its release went largely unnoticed.

Until, that is…



No, a cat didn’t just wander across my keyboard; the white Japanese katakana running alongside the horrifying face in this poster really does read “NH-BOH-BOH-BOH-BOOOOH!” turning the original image of a horrifying female face into some kind of comic parody. We can only guess that whoever threw this nonsense “word” onto the cover was trying to recreate some sort of creepy sound this poor possessed soul could be making.

The ghost’s outburst(?) has received quite the reaction from net users in Japan, amongst all of the “lol”-ing:

“It only looks like she’s gasping.”

“They’re just trying to appeal to those who don’t like horror movies (the best explanation I can give)”

“Couldn’t they just change the text of the foreign packaging into Japanese?”

“I actually wanna see it now. I’m sure it’s excellent! lolol”

But this ghost, she must be trying to tell us something! We can’t be one hundred percent sure what it is, but we have an idea…

▼ …and it has to do with a certain manga.


Image: Wikipedia/ KrebMarkt

Perhaps the only way to find out is to watch for ourselves. Despite the laugh-worthy cover blunder, this seems like it still may be the kind of movie that needs to be watched with the lights on.

Source: 2Channel via Kinisoku, IMDb
Top image: Imgur via 2Channel