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Morning, Roy, how are you feeling today? We’ve got some entertainment lined up for you tonight: first there’ll be bingo in the lounge, then some pretty girls are coming in to do a sexy dance…

You might have spent your New Year’s Eve with friends or family, sipping beer and eating tortilla chips while vowing to exercise more and cut down on the booze in 2016.

But patients in one hospital in Shanghai, China, were treated to something much more exciting when a troupe of scantily clad girls performed a dance routine that, judging from this handful of photos, looks hot enough to have given some of the old chaps palpitations.

Little is known about the saucy show, but according to Shanghaiist, a visitor to the hospital happened to be in attendance when it began and, apparently surprised at how risqué it was considering the age of the majority of the audience, took a few snaps to share via Chinese microblogging site Weibo.

▼ Happy New Year indeed!

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▼ “May all your dreams for 2016…”Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 13.45.21

▼”…come true.”

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Well, it certainly beats a night of Guitar Hero and dips, doesn’t it?

Source: Shanghaiist
Images via Weibo