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One of Moscow’s luxury department stores is selling a new fragrance inspired by the leader of Russia. Try it; they swear it’s not going to give you radiation poisoning.

To some people, Vladimir Putin is a magnanimous leader who can do no wrong. So for them, a brand new fragrance that is inspired by the Russian head of state is the perfect gift.

Called “Leaders Number One” this new perfume was created by Vladislav Rekunov and uses scents like lemon, black currant, and fir cones to evoke the strong image of the Russian president. The fragrance comes in a sleek black bottle emblazoned with a silhouette of Putin’s profile and is available at Moscow department stores for the equivalent of US$95. If you aren’t lucky enough to be in Moscow to pick up a bottle, you can also order it online.

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Some people on the street were willing to give the new fragrance a shot, but not everyone wanted to smell like Russia’s head of state.

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This perfume is just another item in a long line of products that use Vladimir Putin’s likeness to sell merchandise including t-shirts, mugs, bags, posters, postcards and books.

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Since the fragrance just went on sale, there has been no word from Putin’s people whether or not he has tried the perfume, but most likely the Russian leader gets his daily fragrance by wrestling with bears, shirtless, in the mornings.

Source: Toychan
Screenshots: YouTube/ODN