“Gangnam Style” singer Psy never fails to turn heads, and he’s back to wow the crowd with a sexy dance, spiced up with a sizzling surprise.

South Korean musician Psy is known for his catchy pop tunes and wacky moves, and it seems like he pulls no punches even when he’s not performing his own music.

During a segment of his recent concert held at the Seoul Olympic Park stadium, the “Gangnam Style” oppa did a rendition of the hip-moving dance routine originally performed by K-pop girl group EXID in the music video of their song titled “Up and Down.”

▼ Here’s the original.

It’s not easy for a middle-aged man to pull off a sexy dance in the same way a young woman does, and what Psy lacks in youth and womanly appeal, he made up for it with firework rocket boobies.

▼ Watch him go!

At some parts of the dance, the multi-talented star looked as if he was having a bit of a hard time, but he sure had all the moves down pat.

▼ Up and down, up and down…


▼ Sexy side view, check!


▼ Booty shake… check!



It’s a pity that only one of his “boobs” sparked off, but seeing as he had his head tilted to the side as if he was avoiding the falling sparks, perhaps it would have been too dangerous to fire up both peaks.


Psy has yet to make any breakthrough that tops the international success of “Gangnam Style,” but boob trouble aside, it looks like oppa still has it!

Source/images: YouTube/StarDailyNews