Carry on the Christmas spirit of gift-giving and start planning for Valentine’s Day early with this naughty outfit.

BlueBella ‘Unwrap Me’ Body Bow has been put up for sale on the online marketplace Buyma at a price of 7,500 yen (US$64) including domestic shipping. It’s originally from ASOS.com in the UK where it sold for just £16 (US$23), although it’s now completely sold out.

Despite the huge markup, the Japanese listing seems to think it’s a price worth paying as it excitedly suggests delivering yourself to your lover in a giant box and popping out of it wearing only this. That plan could be the perfect way to show your significant other just how much you love them, but on the other hand, it could all go disastrously wrong when you realize that your box is tightly sealed and the intended recipient isn’t going to be home for a good while—when you emerge (or rather are removed) from the box hours later, by then a sweaty, dehydrated mess, the physical act of love may be the last thing on your mind…

▼ Whatever you do, you’ll probably get a good reaction since you’ll be appearing in a state of considerable undress.


▼ Close-up front view. On Buyma the costume is classed as “women’s underwear”, although it seems a little impractical for day-to-day wear.


▼ Back view. This doesn’t strike me as the most comfortable outfit, but sometimes sacrifices must be made for the sake of sexy fashion.


Would you wear this? Or would you like to see your other half wearing it? Do you think we should get one of the RocketNews24 crew into one? After all, they’ve already made public their penchant for partial nudity and tooth-floss masquerading as undies.

Source: NetLab
Images: Buyma [outfit images], Fanpop [anime image]