We go hands-on with this new “streaking” game and risk being added to some sort of police watch list, so you don’t have to!

On 11 January, the doujin circle Ring a Bell, whose previous titles include Kinkeri & Dansei Shuchi Part 1 (Kick to the Nuts & Male Shame Part 1) and the RPG Bokkishitara Kinkeri no Kei (Nut Kick Penalty for Erections), released a new side-scrolling action game entitled Naked Run.

According to the game’s description it appears to be based on the concept of “streaking” or running through a public place or sporting event naked, something largely out of vogue since the 1970s.

“Mainly done by young American men, the Naked Run has exploded worldwide. You too are a Naked Runner. Aim for your goal of freaking everyone out and intimidating women!”

Moving swiftly on…

In the game, the player takes the role of a young adult male with early-onset metabolic syndrome, whose mission is to run through the halls of a high school shaking his junk at the students until they pass out from the horror of it all. This would of course be a bit of a departure from actual streaking, and wanders deep into the neighborhood of criminal assault.

Standing in your way are the school’s mini-skirt-clad security force who are looking to neutralize your threat with a swift kick in the nuts.

▼ That’s a lot of things, but a “miss” it is not.

This is an ambitious title from the circle who regularly worked in the genre of groin-kick-themed RPGs and plain old animations of naked guys getting kicked in the groin, so overall they achieved a solid game here with tight controls, crisp graphics and a solid challenge.

The game wasn’t without its shortcomings, however. While the music was catchy and fit nicely, the game’s library of sound effects was very limited and lacked fidelity somewhat.

▼ I had trouble feeling he was really kicked in the balls from the sound.

Be prepared for a steep difficulty curve on this game with level one starting off extremely easy. The second level proved much more challenging, and by the time level three rolled around it became near impossible.

In this way, the game’s message is loud and clear: running around a school naked a bad idea and will almost certainly land you in jail.

At least I think that’s what their message is.

RocketNews24 Rating
Graphics ★★★★☆
Good character modeling and animation. The paunchy protagonist flops around as you might expect in the situation.
Sound ★★★☆☆
Solid musical score, but limited and low quality sound effects.
Control ★★★★☆
Very responsive and smooth which is important for such a fast-paced game with controller and keyboard support. However, slightly deeper controls would have been perfect.
Difficulty ★★★★★
It’s unsurprisingly difficult to run around a school naked and get away with it.
Common Decency ☆☆☆☆☆
After my third scalding-hot shower and a great many tears, I still don’t feel clean after playing.

Game Information
Naked Run
Developer: Ring a Bell
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (Note: at the time of reviewing, this did not work on a Windows 10 machine)
Minimum Requirements: Pentium4, 512MB
Price: Free
Website: DMM.R18 Doujin (Japanese)

Source: DMM.R18 via Kai-You (Japanese)
Screenshots: RocketNews24