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What’s your sailor sign?

For as strongly as some people associate themselves with their Zodiac sign, a lot of their representatives aren’t so attractive. Sure, you might like what your sign says about your personality, but do you really enjoy thinking of being, or having an affinity with, crabs or half-goat, half-fish magical hybrids?

Perhaps that’s why Chinese artist Moss decided to reimagine the 12 Zodiac signs as anime-style schoolgirls, which make up this gorgeous series of illustrations. While some of them have a clearer connection to their original inspirations than others, they’re all filled with exquisitely delicate line work and captivating color choices.

▼ Aries, the Ram

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▼ Taurus, the Bull

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▼ Gemini, the Twins, looking like they just stepped out of a Clamp manga

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▼ Cancer, the Crab

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▼ Leo, the Lion, who has a bit of a Sheryl Nome (from Macross Frontier) thing going on

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▼ Virgo, the Maiden

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▼ Libra, the Scales

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▼ Scorpio, the Scorpion, has a look as hard-edged as her namesake.

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▼ Sagittarius, the Centaur/Archer

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▼ Capricorn, the Sea-Goat

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▼ Aquarius, the Water Bearer

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▼ And finally, Pisces, the Fish, whose sign ends at March 20, which is actually still a little before the cherry blossoms start to bloom

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If you’re finding yourself under the influence of Moss’ enchanting illustrations, you can check out more original illustrations on the artist’s Pixiv and Weibo pages.

Source: GoBoiano
Top image: Weibo/四次元青苔 (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert images: Weibo/四次元青苔