Love cute anime girls? Love a tasty steak? This new book combines both into one glossy package of drool-worthy art!

We’ve all heard about “herbivore” folks in Japan, haven’t we? Reports say that young people are becoming increasingly less interested in the opposite sex. But on the flip side of the coin, there’s also “meat-eaters” – those who have big appetites for all things to do with, um, delights of the flesh.

But what if you’re someone who loves pretty ladies AND getting your chompers around delicious slabs of tasty meat, all at the same time? Well, now there’s a shiny coffee-table book from Japan which is tailored to your EXACT NEEDS, featuring, as it does, illustrations of super-cute illustrated sweeties AND some rather tantalizing meat photography, too!

The new book, titled “Book of Lovely Meat”, is available from Synthesis Design and published by Alice Books and features contributions from a wide range of artists (17 of them, in fact) who have provided illustrations of cute girls with a “meaty” theme. Interspersed with the illustrations, you’ll find some sexy food pics featuring dishes from 29 different restaurants from around Japan, including Okinawa.

▼ Drool.

▼Probably best to slip this one into a drawer when your vegetarian friends come round.

▼Let’s hope she doesn’t spill any sauce on that cute dress.

▼ There’s plenty here to lick your chops over — including actual chops!

The book retails for 1,200 yen (US$10) and you can order it right from the Alice Books website. And international shipping is apparently available, too!

Source and images: Alice Books