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The world of Howl’s Moving Castle becomes much more magical when your real grandmother cosplays as Sophie.

Taiwanese cosplayer Hizuki Aya, also known as Yao, has staged plenty of amazing cosplay scenes over the years, dressing as both men and women and collaborating mostly with good friend Alma to recreate characters from a number of well-known anime like Free!, Naruto, and Sailor Moon. Now a new cosplaying partner is stepping in to steal the spotlight. And she goes by the name of grandma.

Aya’s grandmother had no qualms with starring in the fantasy photo shoot, dressing up as Sophie from the Studio Ghibli film Howl’s Moving Castle. She wore a blue dress, a white apron, a straw hat with a maroon ribbon, and a wig with a long, silver braid.

Aya is as eye-catching as Howl with black trousers, a white shirt, and gorgeous muticoloured coat. There’s also a replica of Howl’s blue pendant necklace.

The touching story of Howl’s Moving Castle revolves around the character Sophie, a young girl who was turned into an old woman by a witch, and Howl, a wizard who can transform into a bird-like creature.

Calcifer, the fire demon who powers the castle they live in, also makes an enchanting appearance!

Aya recreates some of Howl’s protective poses from the movie.

The real-life relationship between the two here emphasises some of the important themes from the acclaimed film: youth, ageing, destiny, courage and love.

The beautiful bond between these two goes far beyond the fairytale of the anime characters!

Source and Images: Yao&Alma TW Cosplayer