blood tree 4

If all trees “bled” like this, it would probably be harder to cut them down.

Residents of Chongqing, China, were very surprised when they realized a tree in the middle of a bustling area would start “bleeding” when its trunk was cut into. This isn’t some sci-fi horror trick either.

It’s likely that the tree is a Dragon Blood Tree, a specific species that emits a dark red sap that looks eerily like blood when the leaves or wood are cut. Usually they’re found on sub-tropical islands around the world, such as Socorta, Morocco and the Canary Islands, but it seems this one has found a happy home in Southwest China.

The sap or “dragon blood” has been used as dye, varnish on violins and as medicine for hundreds of years. Not surprisingly, as the mystical name implies, it was also used in ritual magic and alchemy.

▼ I’m bleeding, I’m bleeeeeeeding!

blood tree 1

blood tree 2

blood tree 3

blood tree 4

The tree is listed as “vulnerable” on the endangered species list, so be sure to appreciate the tree in all its gory glory if you ever come into contact with it. Or, if horror films have taught us anything, when inanimate objects start to bleed, run away as fast and as far as you can.

Source: Toychan
Images: Xinhua Net
Feature image: YouTube/sina premium