trendy gpa 1

When you look this good, age truly has no meaning.

If you see an extremely trendy grandpa strolling down the streets of Fujian, China, you should know that his business card doesn’t read “fashion icon”. In fact, he’s just a simple farmer from outside the city who likes to garden and grow vegetables.

His flashy colors and stylish threads were chosen by his photographer grandson who decided that he wanted to take his eldest family member through the city on an unforgettable journey and capture it all on film. The fashionable octogenarian strutted through the town as if he owned the place. Bystanders must have wondered why they weren’t familiar with this obviously famous silver stallion.

▼ Come on, son. Your grandpa is showing you up in the style department!

The grandson and photographer, who goes by the handle Jesse Xiaoye on Weibo (China’s premier social media site), uploaded his photo shoot and it caused an instant sensation. His album was flooded with comments praising the creativity and style of the clothes and model. More photos from the adventure can be found on his Weibo page (@小野杰西) as well as some of his other equally impressive work. Be sure to check them out!

▼ And in case you didn’t believe us, here’s the grandpa on a typical day.

Source: Bored Panda
Top image: Facebook/CCTVNews