When a pipe and button nose just won’t cut it anymore…

Snow can be either a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it. But no matter their initial feelings about their surroundings suddenly being covered with frosty white powder last week, the net users in Japan made the most of the situation. Letting their creative juices flow, the impromptu artists brought some life to their otherwise flat, white winter wonderland.

▼ It took two people three hours to sculpt this Honda NSR500. Let’s hope it lasted for more than three hours!

▼ A KV-2 rocket launcher. The detail is pretty impressive!

▼ A very friendly-looking dragon (or dinosaur?), looking like he’s just waiting for someone to pat his head.

▼ What else would dentistry students build out of snow but a tooth?

▼ This is the most ripped snowman I have ever seen.


▼ Probably not what you’d want to see crawling up your front steps.

▼ This elaborate sculpture of Maki is sure to impress any Love Live fan.


▼ And here’s Chopper, for all of the One Piece fans.


▼ Snow Totoro is just as cute as the real thing.


▼ How can anyone not feel better on a rough day after coming across a big, round, snowy Baymax?

Star Wars droid BB-8 looks snowman-like enough, so why not?

▼ The force is certainly strong with the one who made this snow Yoda.


▼ And what would a collection of snow characters be without the character made of snow himself? Of course we couldn’t forget Olaf, especially not one as well done as this.


Winter isn’t over yet, so keep those snowmen coming! Just be sure to keep your fingers warm while you’re at it..

Source: Twitter via NAVER Matome
Top image: Twitter/ @j_b_0510, Instagram/seiyastagram (edited by RocketNews24)